Ways to Save Time at Disneyland


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Apr 3, 2016
We don't only want to save you money, but time too! Time is money isn't it? We want to make sure that you live up to every positibility of happiness that you can while you are on your vacation! So here are our top tips, to saving time and enjoying more attractions, shows, and events!

#1. Get There Early. The first few hours in the park have less crowds, and allow you to get on more rides in less time. We recommend you arrive to the park atleast 30 minutes before opening time.
#2. Get a 3-Day or Longer Disey Ticket. Any tickets of 3-days or more includes a Magic Morning on one day of your trip. Magic Morning allows you to enter the park an hour earlier then the scheduled open time.
#3. Stay at a Hotel on Property. When you stay at a Disney Hotel you are given an extra magic hour each morning of your stay, allowing you to enter Disneyland, or Disney's California Adventure an hour before open.
#4. Stay Late at the Parks. Go to the hotel and take a nap during the day and come back later in the afternoo or evening, there will be less crowds, fewer strollers and shorter wait times.
#5. Use the FastPass/ MaxPass system! Stop waiting in line, get treats see several attractions all while waiting to get in a shorter line of your favorite rides.
#6. Download the Disneyland App. The Disney App is full of show times, current wait times and temporary closures at attractions. This will make it easy to know where to go and when to go there. Its free, you can connect to Disney's Wifi, and its extremely useful and helpful in saving time.

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Apr 29, 2019
I loved watching this video on YouTube! We really appreciated every step that you guys shared to help us make the most of our time in Disneyland. We took your advice to eat during off times and it really made all the difference. We did our best to plan our meals to times when most wouldn't be eating meals. We ate breakfast at the hotel, had snacks in the morning and ate a late lunch at the Blue Bayou. We partied all evening, watching fireworks, enjoyed several rides, shared a few snacks, all before grabbing pizza in Downtown Disney on our way back to our hotel.