Electric Arc Furnace Transformer suppliers

Oct 21, 2019
Zhejiang Xiecheng Electric Co., Ltd.
(former Zhejiang Jiangshan Power Transformation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a large-scale integrated enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacture, sales and services of rectifier transformers, furnace transformers, power transformers, box-type substations, high- and low-voltage switchgear assemblies, transformer accessories and switch components. Equipped with advanced production and processing equipment and complete testing and inspection equipment, the company has an annual production capacity of low loss transformers of 8 million KVA.
History of Xiecheng
Year 2015
We take the lead in put out the single 24 pulse rectifier transformer,greatly reduce the influence of harmonics ,and much more energy saving .

Year 2014

The company's annual sales exceeded 2500 billion dollar , our products have exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the CIS, the Middle East and Africa

Year 2013

Implemented the EOT crane 75ton plan

Year 2011

Establish 2 prodcution lines of special transformer

Year 2010

Our company has the Technical renovation and expansion and purchase of land 34000 square meters, 22000 square meters for new plant construction

Year 2009

Gain the 110kV series transformer production license, have the ability of establishment of 110kV series power transformer production line

Year 2008

Pass the National power grid PCCC product certification, the European Union CEquality certification, ISO9001 international quality system certification

Year 2007

Gain 35kV series transformer production license, has establishment of 35kV series power transformer production line

Year 2006

Gain 10kV series transformer production license, has the establishment of 10kV series power transformer production lineElectric Arc Furnace Transformer suppliers